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Cd Release Concert (Painting in the background by Claudio Nalerio)

A magical CD Release concert at Brava!!

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to all the people, all the familia, friends and community who came out last night and to everyone who made our show at Brava possible. What a M-A-G-I-C-A-L night!!!! I’m still trying to come back to earth, I feel so much joy that I can barely feel […]


My first studio album “Eterno Retorno” is finished!

I’m really happy to announce that my first full length album “Eterno Retorno” is finished! Thanks to the support of my beautiful Kickstarter backers I was able to make this dream come true. My first trip to the post office to send my backer’s rewards was epic and lengthy but I did not mind it […]


Recording Session with the Magik*Magik/Sesión de Grabación con Magik*Magik

Our Collaboration with the Magik*Magik ensemble was, well, as I expected, magikal! Working with them was an inspiring and enriching experience; Minna is a very professional and talented director yet a warm and loving human being and her awesome musicians nailed the melodies on the first takes! I’m really grateful and honored to have worked […]