NPR’s Weekend Edition Featured My Song And Story. Take A Listen.

The song I submitted to the Tiny Desk Contest, “¿Cómo Hacer?”, caught the attention of three different NPR platforms (Alt.Latino, All Songs Considered and Weekend Edition) and Bay Area’s local station, KQED. This song was born a few years ago, in a time of great vulnerability for me. Explaining where the song comes from, still to this day, brings up a lot of emotions for me. However, as I embrace my path and realize that what I have received is so much brighter than the shadows of my experiences, I can’t help to feel open, unafraid and – on a different level and in spite of my inability to travel - free. Although I am aware that there may be parts of my story that perhaps many may judge or may not understand, I still can’t help to feel incredibly grateful for every opportunity I have to speak my truth and to share what is in my heart.

Many things get left out in interviews, I know that when time is right I will be able to share my entire story. For now I hope you enjoy listening and reading these segments and most importantly, I hope you have an incredibly beautiful Sunday.


NPR’s Weekend Edition - March 26, 2017 (Listen and read)
Tiny Desk Contestant Diana Gameros: ‘How Can I Dissolve Borders?

KQED Arts  - March 24, 2017 (Read and watch video)
First 100 Days / Art in the Age of Trump - Diana Gameros Questions Borders and Bridges In ‘¿Cómo Hacer?’


NPR’s All Songs Considered - March 21, 2017 (Listen or read)
10 More Tiny Desk Contest Entries We Loved


NPR’s Alt.Latino - March 15, 2017 (Listen or read)
Latin Artists Represent In This Year’s Tiny Desk Contest

Much love and abrazos from my bed in California. 



((( I couldn’t help to write you on a Sunday, from my bed. I am so overwhelmed by all the expressions of love I have received these past days and by the ones I am receiving right now, as I write you this. I just needed to tell you GRACIAS.

Gracias for sharing this path with me, gracias for your beautiful messages of love and encouragement, gracias for your attentive ears as you listen to my music, gracias for singing along to my songs, gracias for writing about my music, gracias for sharing and purchasing my album, gracias for listening to my story with an open heart and mind  - or for questioning it or perhaps being confused by it and yet you still find it in you to to love me. Gracias. Thank You. )))

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