Ready To Record My First Official Album

Thanks to the help of many people that contributed to my Kickstarter Campaign I am now ready to record my first official album.

In case you are not familiar with Kickstarter, this is a virtual platform that facilitates the funding of creative project. You donate an amount and you get a reward in return for your contribution. You set your own goal and you only receive the full amount if the entire goal is reached.

I had 30 days to raise $15,000 dollars. This was a hard task and a little nerve-wrecking: with only 7 days left I still had $10,000 to go. This is when I started to receive the most signals of love as all my fans, friends and family worked really hard to help me achieve my goal by organizing fundraising parties in Juárez, spreading the word with friends, writing articles in the media, increasing their pledges, etc.

I have to admit that I cried tears of happiness every time I would see how much effort everyone was putting into helping my campaign. I took every donation, small and big, as a beautiful expression of love and for that I will be forever thankful.

Now on to the making of my first Album!

After many sessions with my producer we’ve booked  our first dates at the studio! We will begin recording in December.

Before that happens I’m making a little stop in El Paso Tx. to play at an event for Amor Por Juárez (Love for Juárez), a campaign to raise awareness about the impact of violence on youth in Juárez.

Then off to Miami where I will be playing for an event organized by Art Basel.

Then, what seems to be my last official performance of the year. On December 8th I have the honor to be participating in this year’s Encuentro Del Canto Popular at the beautiful Brava Theatre with my quartet.

What an amazing year! And its not over until it is over!


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