A magical CD Release concert at Brava!!

CD Release Concert at Brava Theater

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to all the people, all the familia, friends and community who came out last night and to everyone who made our show at Brava possible. What a M-A-G-I-C-A-L night!!!! I’m still trying to come back to earth, I feel so much joy that I can barely feel my feet on the ground, me siento tan ligerita por tanta luz recibida que siento que estoy flotando!!! So honored and grateful to have had such an amazing team of musicians and friends backing me up: INFINITAS y ETERNAS GRACIAS to the most beautiful beings on this planet: La Bohemia Productions, Carlos Disdier, Mareni Orduna, Yeiber CanoMariana Landeros CoronaBianca Diaz; the most talented and passionate musicians Patrick WolffThomas Edler, Andrew Maguire, Rob Shelton, Aaron Kierbel, Mark Davis, Mike Olmos,Minna Rhee Choi, Annie Philips, Magik*Magik OrchestraTim Marcus, Zachariah Spellman. The amazing staff at Brava! For Women in the Arts,Karla Hargrave, Cathie Anderson, Stacie Powers; mi preciosa Martina Castro; mi eterno compañero de andares Claudio Enrique Nalerio; mi hermoso mentor David Delp; por el bello sonido Oscar Autie, Eduardo Corzo; por la luz de las flores Denhi Donis; la mejor fotógrafa (y la más guapa) del mundoHanna Quevedo; el videito Cordero de Dios; mis creadores, mamá Maria Altagracia Estupiñan, y papá Enrique Gameros, Alejandro MezaEat At The Roosevelt (for providing the delicious food for backstage) and my beautiful and beloved Kickstarter backers, without you non of this would have been possible. T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U. Much much love to all!!!

Cd Release Concert (artwork on projection by Max-o-Matic) -Photo by: Hanna Quevedo

Cd Release Concert (Magik*Magik -String Quartet)

Cd Release Concert -Photo by Claudio Nalerio

Cd Release Concert -Photo by Hanna Quevedo

Cd Release Concert (My mother) -Photo by: Hanna Quevedo

Cd Release Concert (Mark Davis) -Photo by: Hanna Quevedo

Cd Release Concert -Photo by: Hanna Quevedo

Cd Release Concert (Patrick Wolff, MIke Olmos) -Photo by: Hanna Quevedo

Cd Release Concert (Robert Shelton on rhodes) -Photo by: Hanna Quevedo

Cd Release Concert (Tom Edler on trombone, Patrick Wolff on saxophone, Mike Olmos on trumpet, Zachariah Spellman on tuba) -Photo by: Hanna Quevedo

Cd Release Concert (Andrew Maguire-percussion, Aaron Kierbel-drums) Photo by: Hanna Quevedo

Cd Release Concert -Photo by: Hanna Quevedo


  1. todd taylor says:

    That was a truly wonderful concert so glad to be there ! And yes we really did come down from seattle. Thank you so much for being you!

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